Trump Quietly Slipped Out Of Sight For A Few Hours Overseas – Here’s The Unbelievable Reason Why

President Trump and First Lady Melania have been tirelessly traveling for almost an entire week and are nearing the end of their first overseas presidential trip. The couple just landed in Belgium and the president will soon be attending the G7 Summit back in Italy on Friday and Saturday. However, with as busy as he’s been for days, he recently dropped everything and quietly slipped out of sight for a few hours and now we know the unbelievable reason why.

There’s been no shortage of media coverage as the Trumps travel the globe this week. Liberal news outlets wait with baited breath for the first sign of slip up on the president’s first overseas trip and will find anything to judge him for. Despite having cameras following the couple practically around the clock, there’s one outing in Israel that media “conveniently” missed and it’s clear as to why they chose not to cover it.

Practically every second of the president’s 27-hours in Israel was packed and planned out, but he still made time to fulfill a wish of a 14-year-old who heard he was coming to her country. As eager as she was to see him, Trump was reportedly eager to meet this special little girl.

The Yeshiva World reports:

“During his recent visit to Israel, President Donald Trump made a 14-year old girl’s dream come true. Emilee Imbar has been battling cancer for the last seven years, and has dreamed of meeting with the U.S. President.”

“Rachashei Lev is Israel’s national support center for pediatric cancer patients, and among their hundreds of invaluable services, they have helped thousands of pediatric cancer patients to achieve their dreams.”

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