What Bill Maher Did to Ivanka Trump Last Night Will Make You Sick **MAKE THIS GO VIRAL

What he thought would turn out funny actually turned out horrific and awful! He got tons of criticism after his little “joke”, and I expected nothing less! During an interview Bill Maher implied that Ivanka and her father Donald are having sexual intercourse. You read that right! That’s how sick and twisted Bill Maher got!

According to Subject Politics this horrifying incest joke that Maher made is not his first one. While performing in a stand up show, back on November the 2nd Maher made a similar joke. He got tons of negative replies from medias, Trump supporters and the rest of America. And again, I expected nothing less!

You can see Maher’s little gesture in the video below. He didn’t say much with his mouth but his hand gestures said it all. It also helped us realize what kind of brain damaged, shameless people are running our networks.

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