Could North Korea Actually Sink The US Aircraft Carrier They’ve Threatened?

The United States’ relationship with North Korea can be best described as “strained”. Since the Korean war ended in 1953, the Far Eastern nation have been at odds with America, threatening to destroy them on several occasions, and their nuclear capabilities caused George Bush to refer to North Korea as the “Axis of evil” during his presidency. Recently, tensions between the two countries seems to have reached fever pitch.

While North Korea were previously approached by other world powers with a mantra of tactical nonviolence, recently, the Trump administration have taken a hardline approach to the state, with vice president Mike Pence stating that the days of “strategic patience” are officially over.North Korea have since threatened to make a “super-mighty preemptive strike”, and recently claimed that they have the capability to sink the USS Carl Vinson (a nuclear capable aircraft carrier) “with a single strike”. How accurate, though, is that claim from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang?

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