Guy Tried To Tease A Lion And Got A Serious Dose Of ‘Instant Karma’

While it’s one of my favourite films, I have to admit that I do have a couple of issues with the accuracy of the 1994 film The Lion King. It’s a classic story full of fine actors and musical numbers, but I don’t think this animated movie applies very well to real life. I’ve found that meerkats and warthogs rarely hang out together, predators and herbivores don’t get along nearly as well as depicted in the film, and I’m yet to find a lion that sounds like either Matthew Broderick or James Earl Jones.

Calling the lion “The King of the Jungle” is inaccurate on two fronts. Firstly, their real habitat is actually the open savanna in either Northwest India or Africa, not a jungle or rainforest. Secondly, not wanting to be pedantic here, but these giant cats are nowhere near as noble as depicted in the Lion King.

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