These 10 Abandoned Places Are So Haunting You Won’t Believe They’re Real


Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there will always be places that you, for whatever reason, want absolutely no part of. Maybe you feel a chill in the air whenever you walk by an abandoned warehouse downtown, or you thought you heard a weird sound in the old house down the street once years ago and have had no desire to go back since. Whatever your reason might be, it’s legit, because what do you have to lose? Even if there aren’t vengeful ghosts and angry spirits roaming the halls of that vacated, run-down house at the end of the street, you can appreciate the fact there’s still no need to go poking around where you don’t belong…just in case, you know? Places that give off creepy vibes are best left to the imagination, kept at arm’s length in a framed picture on your living room side table.

There’s no need to brave an eerie abandoned building near you anytime soon! You can check get goosebumps right in the comfort of your own home by checking out some of the most unsettling, spooky-looking places on the planet.

1. Kolmanskop, Namibia – Once A Diamond Hub, Now Another Victim To The Sands Of Time


2. Pripyat, Ukraine – The Chernobyl Disaster Reduced Pripyat To A Radioactive Ghost Town

3. House On Holland Island, U.S.A. – Erosion Of The Island’s Mud And Silt Coast Caused An Entire Colony To Vanish, Except For This House (It FInally Fell In 2010)

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